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Non-profit organization to help candidates for EPSO competitions for European Institutions

Request to be a speaker for the association

 ACCEU - Become a speaker for the association.


Are you a public servant, an expert in a domain, or do you consider you have a lot of experience with the EPSO competitions, the association needs you.

As a matter of fact, many candidates are looking for people who might advise them or coach them.

The association benefits already from an extensive network of specialists (high ranking civil servants, former participants in  the competitions, experts in some domains) but its aim is to widen even more its connections to new highly motivated persons wishing to transfer their skills

All the contributors of the association are compensated according to their level of competence

This is why, if you like to transfer your knowledge and help the candidates for the EPSO competitions, we invite you to provide us with your application form in order to become a contributor to the association

Thank you for your interest


Urgent research trainer on the oral test to coach a candidate EPSO