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Non-profit organization to help candidates for EPSO competitions for European Institutions

 ACCEU - become a member of the Union Syndicale Brussels


Application form for membership of the Unon Syndicale Brussels

What are the benefits of being a member of The Union Syndicale Brussels ?


Members of the Union Syndicale can seek advice on professional or private matters, from lawyers with specialised knowledge of the Staff Regulations.

If members need to appeal decisions made by the institutions, the Union Syndicale may take on their case, subject to approval by its executive, and to certain conditions notified in advance.


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The Union Syndicale organises training courses for its members wishing to better themselves by taking competitions. Moreover, reductions are proposed about training ACCEU to prepare for competitions and

Three free online tests to prepare for the EPSO competitions.


The Union Syndicale organises, for its members, cultural and festive evenings several times a year.


Regarding the US, you can check. :


Who can join the Union Syndicale Brussels ?

The personnel in Brussels (or non-EU). These people must be :


How to apply for membership ?

you send the membership application form on this page to the right. It will be handled by the secretariat of the Union Syndicale. If this application is approved, you will receive the application form.


Avenue des Gaulois, 36 – 1040 Bruxelles