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No-profit organization to help candidates for EPSO competitions for European Institutions

 ACCEU - Become member of the association

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The yearly subscription rate to be a member of the association is 80 €. This entitles you to :


  1. A 25% discount on every training. You pay only 60€ for a training priced at 80€. The cost of your subscription is paid back after 4 trainings.


  1. A priority for the enrolment at trainings. For each training the group size  is 30 participants at the most. The number of seats is thus limited and seats are allocated to the members first.


  1. Obtaining preparation files, training material and previous EPSO tests (see : receive preparation files).


  1. Getting in touch with the members of the association to create a synergy in your work.


  1. Receiving on a regular basis  important information relevant to your competitions


  1. A 25% discount  on the coaching expenses


  1. Getting first hand information about all actions taken by the association

If you are interested in this proposal, the only thing you have to do is to send in your request and we will send by return the application form.

The payment procedure will be specified

Thank you for your interest

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